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Hello, I am

Ryan Routsong

I am a developer and scientist interested in utilizing data in pragmatic ways, furthering biomedical or biochemical research, and understanding the role genetics plays in nature.


Anchor Pub project

Automating The Anchor Pub's music booking systems.

The Anchor Pub books a lot of musical events, before their calendar system was automated they had a few different google calendars being manually updated and syncronized. Using JSON, python, google calendar API, and cron jobs I automated this process.

Python, linux sysadmin, google calendar API, json, html, css, JS Site  
KNN project

Predicting iris color with KNN

Using a K-Nearest Neighbors model to predict the color of a flower's iris.

Python, numpy, scikit, pandas, matplotlib, scipy, juypter notebook Notebook  


Introduction to Ryan Routsong

Welcome to my website showcasing my portfolio of work invovling data, design, automation, and software. I hope to outline some of my experience, current work, and future projects in this website.

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